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Medical cannabis

Symbolic of the rebirth of life and the earth, Ostara is a celebration during the spring equinox. According to the mythology, Ostara is the goddess who can awaken nature’s energy and spring’s joy after winter’s lethargy. The goddess envelops the earth of an aura of fertility and abundance, joys and compassion; a period of renewal.

At Ostara Medical, our mission is to provide the same feeling to the customers who will consume our medical cannabis: for some, it will be a feeling of relief, for others, a feeling of well-being, but for each one of them, it will be a feeling of happiness.

Our vision? To become a revolutionary international business with a unanimously positive impact on the community and within the medical cannabis industry.

Our priorities

Our priorities are simple.

We commit to producing unique and high-quality cannabis to improve the consumers’ level of well-being. Our products are designed by a seasoned team, who share a passion for the product, from the seed to you.

The population
  • Social responsibility and involvement
  • To be at the service of the population
  • To inform the population on the products available
The products
  • To offer a wide variety of cannabis strains
  • To foster research and innovation
  • To use top-of-the-line technology
The environment
  • To use pesticide-free products and high-quality
  • No waste and reusing our resources
  • To ensure the diligent control and supervision of the plants

Our products

A wide diversity in cannabis strains

Ostara Medical dedicated several years of research and development to find, acquire and, finally, offer to our future clientele, the best cannabis strains worldwide.

To this day, we own many different cannabis genetics from a range of world-renown producers.

The acquisition of these genetics allows Ostara Medical to offer a wide range of cannabinoids with their own characteristics that can answer the varied needs of each consumer.

To learn more on cannabis:
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  • Allemagne
  • Australie
  • Royaume-Uni

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Our team

A proud team

Our team is formed of complementary partners with distinctive forces to proudly offer a unique cannabis that will stand out by its quality, aromas, and taste.

Denis Ringuette
Timmy Nepton Ouimet
Main Manager
Zeina Chamma
Quality Assurance Manager
Philippe Ringuette
Safety Manager
Serge Ouimet
Culture Manager